Hot off the press and back into the hearts of original electro fans is Mr. Oizo’s sixth studio album called, “All Wet.” With an album title like that, you can already expect delectable sounds, gratifying beats, and mouth-watering collaborations. Peaches, Boys Noize, Siriusmo, and Skrillex are only a few artists to name on the long list of collaborators on the album. To celebrate the release of his album, Mr. Oizo and friends, Hudson Mohawke, Busy P, and Daddy Kev played in Hollywood, Friday, September 30th, at the Fonda Theatre.

That night Mr. Oizo took everyone on a journey into his new album, playing tracks like “RUHE” with Boys Noize, “End Of The World” with Skrillex and “Hand In The Fire,” featuring Charli XCX, to only name a few. The crowd was quite familiar with the album, although it hadn’t been officially released yet, but what more would you expect from a legendary artist, producer, and songwriter with dedicated fans?

The best part of the show was not only did everyone get an exclusive chance to listen to Oizo’s album live, but his set was full of throwbacks that took everyone back to the days of classic electro house. Tracks like “Riverside” by Sidney Samson, “Polka Dots” by Afrojack, the anthem by Justice, “D.A.N.C.E.,” and his memorable track, “Gay Dentist,” had the attendees dancing in pure electronic euphoria.

The night wouldn’t have been complete without a surprise visit from Flat Eric. Just as Mr. Oizo dropped his legendary track, “Flat Beat,” up on the decks next to Oizo, you could see a furry yellow puppet flailing to the beat. Flat Eric and Mr. Oizo are the best duo, flat out.

“All Wet” portrays Mr. Oizo’s crazy, yet genius musical antics. His weird, distinct, and catchy sounds are what make him unique and what’s gained him such a strong following in the electronic music scene. The album is a musical representation of music today through the mind of Mr. Oizo. Watch a visual representation of the album HERE and prepare to see Flying Lotus with a Skrillex hairdo as well as countless other interesting scenarios to match each track.

Grab Mr. Oizo’s album, “All Wet” on iTunes!

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