Cryptic tweets are the best, aren’t they? They keep you wondering and speculating…and Nero just gave us one.

Nero is the British dubrock electropunk music trio comprising of Dan Stephens, Joe Ray, and Alan Watson. The group released their debut studio album in 2011, Welcome Reality, which hit the top of the charts over in the UK. In 2013, they won a Grammy award for a Skrillex collaboration, and their second album, Between II Worlds, was released in 2015  to much success as well. Earlier in 2018, Watson and Stephens broke off to create together as a duo called The Night, and the trio has not released an album in 4 years.

Now, it seems like they may be back at it again. On November 30th, they tweeted a date out-December 4th, along with a vague 15 second video clip. The clip shows a TV filled with static, before showing the same December date and the group’s name.

Are they releasing a new single? Announcing a record? Fans have been tweeting and surmising since then, anticipating the resurfacing comeback.

View the tweet below:

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