Pop music continues to link the world’s most acclaimed superstars. PKCZ is a Japanese hip-hop collective that spans across the genre into fashion and culture. It’s comprised of 3 stand alone figures, all of whom are well respected individuals in music and fashion. The group is made up of Verbal (of m-flo, TERIYAKI BOYZ, HONEST BOYZ, and fashion brand AMBUSH), DJ DARUMA (ex. DEXPISTOLS), and EXILE MAKIDAI. PKCZ formed in 2014 and since then have released numerous works that feature the likes of Method Man and Snoop Dogg. This year is no exception.

‘CUT IT UP’ features the renowned K-Pop superstar CL, who you may recognize through her work with Skrillex on his ‘Dirty Vibe’ single, and Dutch EDM sensation Afrojack. Together the 3 projects created a jam that finds roots in reggaeton, moombahton, and hip-hop. The music video embraces the Japanese culture of a sword-wielding CL and PKCZ with the sword choreographed by Kill Bill sword choreographer Tetsuro Shimaguchi.

Check it out down below!

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