DJs haven’t taken song requests at festivals since—…well, ever. This is why it’s it’s pretty remarkable that Trap aficionado RL Grime is accepting requests for his latest Halloween mix. Asking specifically for “scary songs,” Grime seems to be fishing for anything from spooky cartoon theme songs to bass music hits with a spooky bassline. Considering anything is accepted, we’d encourage you to make sure the selections you shoot are the most hair-raising you got. We’re sure the DJ is planning on weaving in IDs from his upcoming album Nova, so if you happen to have listened to any leaks or released singles of his, something that blends well with those tracks would probably be best.

Think you got what it takes to make your request immortalized? Send your requests to [email protected]

RL Grime’s Halloween 6 mix is set to be released on Friday, October 27th according to his NovaZine magazine.

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