Weather McNabb finally broke out of her mundane office job lifestyle following the effects of the Great Recession to pursue her passion for music. Her latest release is almost an homage to her desire to become a singer, songwriter, and musician, entitled ‘Cubicle Zombie’. The album plays a lot on the struggles of the average Jane’s 9-5, and perfect captures the struggles of breaking out of the zombie like routine. The opening two tracks, ‘Good Morninng’ and ‘Adapt’ start things off slow, both evoking the steady drive and grind of your average lifestyle with a distinct yearn to break out of the norm. ‘War Paint’ takes the mood further with a much faster tempo, kicking things into gear as Weather sings out her break out while ‘everyone else is doing [the same thing] too’. She breaks the illusion so to speak with ‘War Paint’. ‘User Error’ is our favorite track out of the EP and closes out the album. Dark and grungy, Weather takes a more solemn turn, crying out how tiring the fight against what is normal can be tough. Toss and turn into countless late nights to write her music and finally make the decision to break out really shows exceptionally through ‘User Error’.

McNabb hails from Minnesota, however, spent much of her life in Boston. She’s always wanted to pursue a life in music, however, financial and social responsibilities stood in the way post Great Recession. However, in 2012 Weather took the biggest leap of her life and said goodbye to the bookkeeping jobs busying up her day-to-day and jumped into the volatile, yet rewarding world of music.

Listen to ‘Cubicle Zombie’ down below!

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