You may remember Marco Rubio as the Presidential candidate who Axwell and Ingrosso explicitly asked not to feature their song in his campaign. A recent interview he did with Anderson Cooper may make things a bit more embarrassing for him going forward in his campaign to win over the EDM community. In said interview, Rubio expressed his love of EDM once again but said that he had never actually been to a rave- furthermore, that he felt he was “too old” to attend one. We can’t say we’re sure Rubio’s won anybody’s vote with these recent developments…then again though, who knows.

“I actually grew up listening to ’90s hip-hop music, especially the West Coast stuff, and I really liked it, but in the last few years whats happened with EDM, you’ve got these electronic disc jockeys, or these DJs that are taking electronic music and overlaying it with tracks from country music and all sorts of things. So the lyrics are clean, the beats and music are fun. I’ve gotten into it. It’s a lot of fun.”


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