Who knew Wiz Khalifa was a DJ? …Nonody did, to be honest. Rapping is still the ultimate objective of the dread headed star, but according to Ty Dolla Sign’s comments in an interview, Khalifa’s alias DJ Daddy Kat is actually pretty talented.

“Wiz’s DJing skills are incredible. He’s actually called DJ Daddy Kat. He kills it. Every party we went to, they go up…. We both DJ actually, so he’ll give me songs, I’ll give him songs. DJing is the shit.”

Yes, we know, another DJ came out of nowhere and is playing XS Las Vegas when people who’ve been doing it for years still are trying to make ends meet. As unfair as it is, DJ Daddy Kat provides a unique selection of tunes played in a style we’ve never heard before, why not?

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