The latest release from Yotto on his label Odd One Out begs one to ask: what in the world do you categorize this song as genre-wise? Yotto himself would also like to know, as the track title asks plainly: Is this Trance? One listen will make you curious, too. The extended mix is a journey through a handful of serene melodies, all driven forward by a subtle but hypnotizing bassline. A few of Yotto’s signature sounds take center stage throughout the track, but they’ve never been employed in such an ethereal capacity before. The man himself had a chance to make a poignant reflection on the subject:

“Odd One Out requires me to sometimes release records that are a bit…odd. So after the first two releases I decided it’s time to unleash a hint of Gouda. The track asks ”Is This Trance?” and is fuelled by some gargantuan bouncy saw riffs that I picked up from my 13-year old brain which at the time was listening to Southside Spinners and Gatecrasher compilations. Slightly slower and more mature, like some of my favourite cheeses are, this is quite close to musical Gorgonzola with some hedonistic grapes.” 

Whether or not this track is Trance is purely the decision of the listener. The important part is to pay attention to what we know it is: a club weapon and a collection of sounds comporable to gourmet, potentially overpriced food at a winery.  

You can save the track via your streaming method of choice here. Grab tickets for Yotto on tour via his website.


Yotto 2019 Tour Dates

Sep 27 – Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC*

Sep 28 – Theater On The Lake, Chicago, IL, USA^

Oct 25 – Bijou, Boston, MA, USA*

Oct 26 – Freaky Deaky Festival, Houston, TX, USA*

Oct 30 – Magic Stick, Detroit, MI, USA*

Oct 31 – Coda, Toronto, Canada*

Nov 01 – Soundcheck, Washington DC, USA*

Nov 08 – EDC Orlando, Orlando, FL, USA

Nov 09 – Théâtre Fairmount, Montreal, Canada*

Nov 14 – Q Nightclub, Seattle, WA, USA*

Nov 15 – Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USA*

Nov 22 – Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO, USA*

Nov 23 – Skyway Theatre Studio B, Minneapolis, MN, USA*

Dec 06 – Avant Gardner – The Great Hall, Brooklyn, NY, USA*

Dec 07 – The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA*

Dec 10 – Your Paradise Festival, Fiji

* indicates Odd One Out tour date

^ indicates Anjunadeep Open Air date



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