Zhu made a splash on the internet by selling pasties for the first released track from his newest EP, Ringo’s Desert, Pt. 1. As many people know, though, this particular producer gives 300% to his music as well. The lucky seven tracks he just posted on streaming platforms proves this beautifully.

The package begins with a collaboration with JOY, “Stormy Love.” With triplets guiding the rhythm of the track, the angelic vocals set a sultry tone for the whole package. This goes even further with his collaboration with Karnaval Blues “Still Want U,” taking the form of a hip-hop beat that boasts a smooth bassline. Those wondering where the signature ZHU guitar is need wait no further with his original “Guilty Love.” This may be the most reminiscent track of Zhu’s style we’ve come to know, with the breakdown detailing a conversation with a woman and the other man, so to speak. This is followed by “Desert Woman’s” hypnotizing arpeggios and almost trance-like breakdown…not without that guitar, or course.

“Provocateur” is a dark enough track to drag the listener further into Zhu’s imagination, employing a 4-on-the-floor pace to accompany the eclectic synths in the track. The EP wraps itself up nicely with a breath of fresh air in the form of “Save Me.” The song not only has calming chords but ends with a spoken word sample that details a woman’s plea to be rescued from a raging storm. More likely than not, this cliffhanger will be addressed with the next chapter of Ringo’s Desert.

Want to hear this whole thing on the road? Lucky us: Zhu will be touring North America for 21 stops, including The Shrine Expo Hall (2X Nights) in DTLA and Red Rocks. This run of shows will include a live band and new visuals to compliment everyone on stage. You can grab tickets here.

ZHU – Ringo’s Desert Pt. 1

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