Five seconds into Kaskade’s 10-year anniversary Strobelite Seduction set and a man is heard announcing that he has already started bawling…and that sounds about right. The first sunrise of EDC may have been the absolute best for those who first heard the album itself when it came out, and even more so to the lucky should who got to see a bulk of the tracks from that album at EDC’s last run at Downtown LA’s Memorial Collesium. Kaskade was nothing but smiles while playing the set, giving his heartfelt thanks to those who decided to gather around the Owl adorned car to hear him play a tribute set of his own music. He even stopped the music to make absolutely sure someone who needed medical attention got it ASAP.

Kaskade also released Strobelite Seduction exclusively on vinyl for the first time ever. So make sure you cop yours asap before they’re all gone here.

Check out the whole set below. We’d post a tracklist, but we don’t want to insult your intelligence.

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