Hailing from Madrid, Spain is this emerging, young duo, Sandjake. Here to bring the warm Spanish weather to the cold fronts hitting the United States as winter comes is their new track, ‘Shine’. Evoking hints of summer vibes, ‘Shine’ takes listeners to the summer Spanish beaches and really captures chill house vibes that Sandjake takes a chance at in their brand new single.

Sandjake is a duo formed by Jacobo and Sandro, two young people from Madrid who love to travel, play sports and promote a healthy lifestyle. However, if there is something that defines them above all is the deep passion for music that they share with a special predilection for the Electro House and EDM genres. Even without having reached the quarter of a century, this artistic duo has already positioned itself within the electronic industry as high-quality producers with future releases scheduled on international labels of the first line. But not only stand out in the field of production, Sandjake have also started their journey as DJs and will soon announce their confirmed performances in some of the major festivals and clubs in Spain.

Listen to ‘Shine’ down below!

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