Back once again on our channel is award-winning, Austin-based multi-instrumentalist, 1st Base Runner. Light Roars is his third official EP and shows off a completely different side of the project. This time, 1st Base Runner introduces a live band experience showcasing a grunge, post-punk feel similar to that of The Drums, Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine and the like. It’s the type of vibe that will make you shuffle your feet to the pulsating rhythms that has been unique to Light Roars.

There is something nostalgic about the particular sound showcased in Light Roars. Give Up The End  has the instrumental feels of Linkin Park without Limp Bizkit and yet feels like something entirely unique and fresh. Planter is the album’s show runner and will feature yet another amazing music video to come directed by the longtime Creative Director of Radiohead, Dilly Gent.

More to come from 1st Base Runner, as he readies his fourth studio album, Nightstalker, which will follow with a darker, experimental direction.

Listen to Light Roars down below!

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