Dylan Tauber is proud to present his 14th studio album and its one of his best works yet. Taking things in a different direction, Dylan Tauber explores a more ambient approach to his last studio releases that have focused heavily on trance. ‘He Loves Carmen’ is a 14-track LP that captures Dylan’s versatility as a dance music producer. It’s a dedication to his true nature as a crafter of electronica. In his track, ‘Light Warrior’, Dylan Tauber collaborates with Ukranian vocalist,¬†Anastasia Derkach, amidst the horrors of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Despite the ongoing horrors, Derkach sings her heart out to the lovely ‘Light Warrior’.

The album is being well received worldwide and is already garnering quite a bit of attention on global radio waves.

Dylan Tauber has been in the game for over 25 years and the latest album showcases his tenure. Throughout the album, you’ll discover a newly invented sound from Dylan Tauber and how masterfully he’s crafted his new sound for all to enjoy.

The globe-trotting producer has shown no signs of slowly down, and we’ll be sure to hear more from his camp in the near future.

Check out ‘He Loves Carmen’ down below!

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