It has been 25 years since the inspiring young artist Selena Quintanilla Perez life was tragically stolen. At 23 years old Selena was on her way to stardom. Climbing the charts and breaking barriers by being a young Latina making her splash in American pop culture. Selena continues to remain as an icon for Latinos everywhere. Her voice was beautiful but strong as it captured hearts and ears across the country. The world continues to honor her, MAC cosmetics is releasing a Selena inspired makeup line and Netflix will be debuting this year a series on the life of Selena. Selena’s blend of Latina fashion touchpoints like hoop earrings and red lipstick were embraced on stage and this classic Chicano look was viewed in a positive light. She would create her own outfits like her famous bedazzled bustiers and her purple sparkly jumpsuit. The “Queen of Tejano” released five albums during her career.

The last one Dreaming of You being released shortly after her death in honor of the Latina pop princess. Some of her life long hits include “Amor Prohibido”, “Como La Flor”, and one of her most famous songs “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” which was no. 1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart for four weeks in 1994. Selena continues to live in the hearts of music lovers everywhere and remains a role model for all Americans and Mexicans. She embraced her culture and represented an identity that particularly second-generation children of Mexicans could relate to. The constant tug of war of balancing your two cultures, being American enough and being Mexican enough. To identify with Mexican culture while perusing the American dream. In honor of Selena and her legacy, we put together our top 25 favorite songs from the superstar to share our appreciation and to honor her. May Selena live on forever in our hearts and through her music.

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