An ongoing lawsuit involving Marquee and NYC hedge fund manager David Moradi ended in The Las Vegas club losing about $106 million, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Moradi was held in a security room after the general manager brought up an issue with Moradi’s signature. According to a 2014 lawsuit against The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the nightclub and Roof Deck Entertainment LLC, the manager and security officers forced Moradi into a security room and demanded his identification and credit card after he already had paid a bill of more than $10,000.

“The Marquee security members and manager shoved David to the ground, causing his head to forcefully hit the concrete surface,” the suit states. “The Marquee security members and manager repeatedly hit and smashed David’s head into the concrete and continually held his head and right eye against the concrete with a high degree of pressure.”

Still pressing his head to the concrete, they asked, “Are you going to cooperate and give your ID back?” according to the suit. “Believing he could be killed, David agreed in order to end the violent attack.”

Check out the whole incident on Las Vegas Review Journal.

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