Afrojack is currently being investigated is an association with crimes made by his Tax advisor. Said to be “the Tax specialist of the stars,” Frank B. was arrested under the charge of Tax Evasion and embezzling millions of dollars from his customers according to The Telegraph. Frank has worked with other DJs such as Tiesto who at the moment is not being prosecuted for anything.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf argues that Afrojack, real name Nick van de Wall, is currently being investigated in the case. The Dutch investigation service conducted a house search at his former manager’s residence, in an attempt to find correspondence between the DJ and his tax advisor regarding the alleged embezzlement. Afrojack previously stated he was shocked by the arrest of his tax advisor and he is unaware of any illegal tax affairs. Since the allegations now potentially go beyond his tax advisor and are directed at him personally, the DJ has refrained from commenting any further and put all the responsibility on his tax advisor.

At the moment, Afrojack is under investigation and may have to pay the taxes to make up for the unlawful money moves.


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