The subject of mortality can be a sore one, but Ajay Mathurs has taken these solemn moments in our human existence to curate his latest release ‘Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence). The song is reflection and dedication to the late John Lennon and is meant to be a shared experience to those who felt such a deep connection and human experience with John Lennon’s music. It’s a creation born during the midst of the pandemic, when Mathurs retreats to his home-studio to listen old records from his past (cue the Beatles and John Lennon records) and wrote this piece.

“People exit our lives for many different reasons – end of a relationship, geographic separation, death by illness, carelessness or maliciousness of others – and we are forced to face the void. Recognizing that they are never really gone is where we can begin to find peace and comfort. “Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence)” describes that moment of clarity, that the people who have touched you deeply are always going to be there with you. All you’ve gotta do is call.”

International man of music, Ajay Mathur is a Grammy nominated musician and songwriter who has topped charts in the United States and Europe. His music shares a deep connection to his idols: The Beatles, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and many others from similar genres and eras. ‘Anytime At All’ is also accompanied by a stunning music video that you can see below!

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