Paul Van Dyk took a nearly life-ending fall at A State of Trance’s flagship event in Utrecht February 2016, causing him to stay in the hospital for three months. Though the incident gave him an invigorating new appreciation for life, there are still unresolved grievances with the promoter for ASOT, ALDA events. In January, Van Dyk was awarded $12 million in a court order. It included $2 million for future medical expenses, $1.2 million for lost profits in 2016 and 2017, and $2.475 million for losses in the next decade. It also awarded him an extra $5.5 million for other damages.

Paul van Dyk told AFP in New York, “I was in a coma and when I woke up I wasn’t able to do anything. So whatever I do now is to me a miracle, a gift.” He also rediscovered a new appreciation for life, stating, “I am closer to myself and to my music than I have ever been. Simply because there is a certain element of myself that sees life very differently.”

The court order from September 2018 stated that the organizers, ALDA Events, did not design the stage to be safe to stand on. They even admitted the front area was not safe but gave no warning to the DJ prior to his show ALDA filed to overturn the agreement. They stated Van Dyk has no legal reason to receive the legal amount in their opposition:

“The fact that petitioner Paul is a non-signatory and a non-party means that the arbitration agreement doesn’t extend to him, and no agreement to arbitrate exists between him and Alda.”

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