The photos from this recent burning man festival demonstrate that there is work to be done in order to truly make sure the festival leaves no trace. Pictured above are 5000 bikes that were abandoned on the playa. The total attendance was around fifty-one thousand, so roughly for every 100 people, one left their bike behind.

It’s easy to immediately blame those who organized the event; some responses online have been a bit harsh, using the “leave your trace” principle against them. While there’s work to be done, a large majority of those who frequently burn and work do so much to turn a patch of desert into what it is. That in itself is a feat, and the best way to respond is to help them ensure the removal of all waste. In this case…it’s about telling your friend that a bike is worth making room for. Or at least giving to someone else, if the alternative is casting it in the dust. It’s a BIKE.


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