Following the two deaths of attendees at a New Year’s Eve party in Mar Del Plata, this is Argentina’s second city banning electronic music events. The event took place 400 miles away in a town called Arroyo Seco and the ban is taking place due to believing the deaths were ecstasy-related.

Back in April 2016 Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, decided to ban electronic events after six people died at Time Warp Argentina Festival, which almost resulted in the cancellation of a Kraftwerk concert in November.

One councilor called the measure a “mistake,” saying that it unfairly stigmatizes electronic music events. “We can’t prohibit something that is not illegal,” he said. Similar criticism has been leveled at Buenos Aires’ electronic music ban, and its city officials said they would re-examine the policy.

The ban in Mar Del Plata spurred criticism from local lawmakers, but will still remain in effect. The town has instituted a WhatsApp line for residents to report electronic shows in violation of the prohibition.


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