On the heels of their highly anticipated return with single “Sensational”, the collaborative dance project from pioneering producer Chris Lorenzo and the GRAMMY-award nominated producer Chris Lake – Anti Up – is back with their new single “Shake”. With dissonant, buzzing synths and industrial textures, “Shake” is a tune reminiscent of everything fans crave from the duo and solidifies Anti Up’s sound print as a multi-sensory celebration of house music’s roots, and a gritty, offbeat glimpse into the genre’s beyond.

Anti Up’s acid-laced, retro-fit stylings are a party – and everyone is on the guest list. A high-profile project with low-profile sensibilities, Anti Up has become a sounding board for dance music’s emerging voice. Bringing an ethos based in inclusivity and integrity, the international act has proven that true authenticity lies in playing by rules all their own. From the misfit kid who finds solace in new sounds, to the audiophiles in search of a high-octane sonic fix, the duo’s adrenaline-pumping productions offer a reprieve from the worries and hassles of everyday life.

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