Highly sought after French producer, AstroVoyager, is back with yet another hit. ‘We Can Change Our Way’ is an exciting track that takes listeners on an audio journey unlike any other. Fast pace and full of energy, ‘We Can Change Our Way’ reminds us a lot of trance classics and hits that made their way into the rave scene. Bright and with a heart-warming message, AstroVoyager adds sultry French and English lyrics in the entire track. Find the accompanying remix by Charlie Atom, where he slows things down quite a bit from the original for listeners to appreciate and focus on the lyrics.

With another single under his belt, AstroVoyager was also had his Architect EP nominated at the 16th annual Independent Music Awards. He also has been involved with the Prague Concert Philharmonic on an emotional artist album, Big Bang.

Check out ‘We Can Change Our Way’ down below!

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