Mission control, come in, mission control. AstroVoyager & Marco Grenier have taken us on an audio-visual mission through space in their new single In That Flash. A pulsating blend of melodic techno meets progressive house. In That Flash is a sonic journey with a hard-hitting bassline and ethereal melody that evokes what a shuttle journey through solar system sounds like. It begs to take us on what a musical journey through our world’s final frontier. Transcending through our atmosphere as our mind wanders through the stars, the collaborating duo has done an exceptional job at creating a thought-provoking soundtrack.

In That Flash‘s accompanying music video follows a spaceship that seems to be aimlessly wander around the Earth’s moon. Scenes of hyper-sonic jumps pop up throughout the ship’s exploration as it appears to map out the galaxy or solar system. As the music video comes to an end, the ship makes one final jump into the depths of unknown space.

Check out In The Flash down below!

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