After making music for the better part of 5 decades, Ava Cherry is gearing up to release another album in 2020. ‘Testify Love’ is the first single off her forthcoming album that offers listeners, new and old, a little taste of whats to come for the artist. ‘Testify Love’ provides listeners with an empowering message of soul and love, churning out a groove that’s much more refreshing than today’s saturated pop world. There’s funk, there’s groove, and we can’t wait to hear whats to come.

Ava Cherry has held quite the repertoire with her career in music. From developing a long relationship with David Bowie, who helped produce her song, People From Bad Homes, that was released in 1973. Throughout the remaining years of the 70s, Ava Cherry joined David Bowie as one his backup vocalists while in Europe, before returning to Chicago, where she was introduced to yet another legend, Curtis Mayfield. 5 decades, countless solo albums, and long-lasting relationships with some of the world’s influential musicians.

Listen to ‘Testify Love’ down below!

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