Helsinki based electronic dance music producer, Axel Thesleff, has put out his ‘Two Worlds’ EP forthcoming on Khatru Music for his world listeners. The 5-track EP is chalk full of bass heavy tunes, nostalgic melodies, and deep sounds. ‘Akasha’ opens the EP’s airwaves with a deep blast of melancholic harmony until trap beat and bassline roll into to move the body. ‘Salomon’ and ‘Eco’ tap into early UK dubstep influences for their respective, back-and-forth swaying, melodies, before arrive to their newfound drops and hip-hop/trap influences.

Axel Thesleff found himself breaking into his music career in 2010, when he released his debut conceptual album, ‘Waste Land’. A meticulous producer that dives deep into his sound design, Thesleff quickly racked up over 200 million streams across all his platforms, which helps set the stage for him nicely as we enter well into a quarter of 2018. After this latest thing, we are sure that many exciting things are on his horizon.

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