As Nick Carter puts his role as an “architect” judge on the competition show “Boy Band” to rest, he is about to embark on a star studded journey of his own. He and his band Backstreet Boys are gearing up to come back in a big way with their comeback 10th album, due for release on RCA Records. This reunion is going to shake up EDM more than we think it will.

For their next album, the band will be enlisting the help of several dance music producers, with The Chainsmokers and Diplo on the top of their list. Carter’s co-worker on Boy Band Timberland is also stepping up to the plate to help. Backstreet Boy Gouwigh Dourough elaborates on the process: “We’re talking with a bunch of producers and seeing what makes the most sense and this made a lot of sense since Nick’s been working with [Timbaland] on Boy Band,” he says. “We’re all huge fans of him and we’ve never had a chance to work together, so we were just talking and vibing to see if it might make sense to [record] together.”

“We’re reaching out to people who we were always inspired by or who may have been fans and we didn’t even know. We’ve all made friends with different people. Nick’s been talking to Steve Aoki, Howie talked to Zedd, who’s been a big, big fan [and] Diplo, we’ve also talked to. We’ve also done stuff with The Chainsmokers and those guys are amazing and out in Vegas with a residency as well, so who knows.”

As you can tell, the album is going to make waves as a dance music album more than anything else, with 90’s babies and beyond likely to jump for joy. Stay tuned for more news on these potential collaborations in the future.


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