If you were pleasantly surprised by Bassnectar’s entrance into the Electric Forest roster, another very recent announcement from the dun dada of Amorphous music may double that joy. After Insomniac kicked off their highly successful Middlelands festival in Texas, Lorin went on his Facebook to announce his return to every subsequent year’s festivities, likening the home-like vibes of the Dance Music Medical fair to the vast, magical environment of Electric Forrest. We’re a bit shocked that this is the second booking in a row so quickly, b ut also realize how great it is for enthusiastic fans to have the choice of seeing Lorin tear up a venue like the Fairgrounds before going under the Electric Sky, or enchant the Forests of Rothbury, Michigan after EDC’s last beat is played. Whether you chose one of the two or both, we know you’ll have a great experience.

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