Husband and wife indie duo, The Bergamot, have teamed up with legendary UK sound engineer and producer, Matt Wiggins. The three are no strangers to the music industry. Matt Wiggins, who’s associated with songs by Florence & The Machine, Adele, & U2, discovered The Bergamot and their incredible singles have won them space on the global stage. Last year, the duo were awarded an Emmy for ‘Trailblazer: The Bergamot”.

Now the duo are set for their biggest release to date, their sophomore album, ‘Mayflies’. The 8-track LP already has won them over scores of fans in the UK and now have two fully animated music videos released for the album singles ‘Bones’ and ‘One Mile’. One of our favorite tracks in the album is ‘L.A.’, the melancholy folk song longing for a lost a love.

The band’s effort seems to be coming to fruition with it’s recent accolades and we can’t wait to hear what’s to come.

Catch them on their Fall Tour here.

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