Surprised? We sure are that these two huge trance and dance music projects have never collaborated with each other. That is, until now. ‘Show Me Love’ is the first ever collaboration between legendary trance trio, Above & Beyond, and five time #1 DJ, Armim van Buuren.

“The guys from Above & Beyond and I exchanged a few remixes back in the early 2000s, and we really enjoyed working together. Despite that, we never linked up in the following years, until now. I think that ‘Show Me Love’ can play a big part in uniting fans from all over the world and I hope it will spark a beautiful collaborative era between us and our respective labels.” – Armin van Buuren

The new release features heavy kick drums and basslines; tear-jerking piano rolls, and a glorious trance melody unlike any other. A true masterpiece curated by masters of the trance craft. ‘Show Me Love’ naturally premiered live at A State of Trace 900 in Utrecht, The Netherlands and is now available for your listening pleasure!

Hopefully we hear more collaborations between the two in the near future!


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