The sentiment found in Blunder’s latest studio album title, Brighter Days, just says it all. A feel good indie pop album that has 7 tracks of nonvocal and vocal tracks written and sang by the man himself. Lucious soundscapes that give off that classic Southern California beach vibe that invokes the hope of a better tomorrow and future. As lockdown and health restrictions ease throughout the United States, Brighter Days, is the album you want to throw on to enjoy this summer. Feelings akin to that of Arctic Monkeys, Beach House and Mac Demarco. It’s the epitome of chill and carefree.

“This album came out of wanting to creating a space and feeling that would transport the listener. I found myself going on tons of hikes this past year with my son and exploring all these amazing places just outside of the city. I really wanted to create something that gave the feeling of being in all these wide open spaces. Especially after all the lockdowns of the last couple of years. I love music that takes you out of reality and puts you into a feeling or place. That inspired me as I worked on the songs and gave me the freedom to let them be. With or without vocals.”

Blunda is the brainchild of LA-based solo musician, Andy Blunda. Classically trained in pianist in college, Blunda has been involved in countless projects and toured with the likes Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, Beck, St. Vincent) and Zoe Bonham. His career in music has taken him into other arms of the entertainment industry and his music can be heard in films, tv and commercials.

Check out Brighter Days down below!

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