Are Boombox Cartel Disbanding or are we all being played?

Yes, a black profile picture and the cryptic words “until next time” probably mean that a given act is dropping everything and leaving the scene. It wouldn’t be a surprise if in fact, Boombox Cartel’s social media post of this nature was, in fact, the end of their group.

We live in the age of hype, though. Nothing is set in stone until more information is given. On the group’s website, tour dates are scheduled for the coming few months including shows in Mexico, Texas, Lake Havasu, and Beta Nightclub in Denver. If it is true that they are disbanding, their final show is at Insomniac’s inaugural Middlelands festival in Todd Mission, Texas.

We’ll wait around for more info as to what this may mean from their socials. For now, get a ticket to see them if you’re in the area.

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