HARD Events has announced the next step in its evolution; HARD Summer 2018 will be held only in…. virtual reality?

As the festival landscape becomes ever more aligned with the technological advancements of our time, HARD Events is proud to stand at the forefront of this trend and bring the experience of its flagship event to the comfort of living rooms around the world. No longer will festival-goers be subjected to the plights of human interaction and the overbearing nature of participation. Port-o-Potties, competing set-times, and cramped parking lots are now a thing of the past because with HARD Virtual Summer, everyone, with a Virtual Reality headset, is a winner

Fans can expect all the forward-thinking bookings and interactive environments that HARD Summer has become known for, packaged into a 6x3in display, positioned only 2 inches from their face. Although tickets are unlimited fans are urged to purchase theirs soon for just $29 down and 4 payments of $27.

For More Info Call: 323 844 3680

Obviously, this was an April Fools Joke but hopefully, you found all the easter eggs hidden in the video for clues on the festival. If you also call the number a voicemail says, “We’re currently on retreat with some of our new interns, we’ll back in 3 weeks”. So we’re assuming we’ll get either the lineup, ticket on-sale info, venue location or all 3 after Coachella Weekend 2 is done & over with. Keep your eyes peeled on GDE for future HARD Summer 2018 information.


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