We must say goodbye to Bromance Records. In November 2011, Louis Rogé aka Brodinski founded the label with Manu Barron to make a staple in dance music.

The Parisian label has helped build the musical careers of many including Gesaffelstein, Club Cheval, Monsieur Monsieur, GENER8ION and, LOUISAHHH!!! And Maelstrom before they formed their own label, RAAR.

The label brought diversity and a landscape of genres from techno to electro and hip hop, all in accordance to celebrate music. Stylistically, the label was parting ways and idealistically, it could not go on.

“We danced to the sound of said unreconcilable musical families – rap and electronic music – and God knows it already was a mad gamble as only a few of those alliances have worked in the past.”

Barron speaks on behalf of the label and its eventual downfall.

“Among the things that made us stick together was our desire to celebrate music, with parties where one could dance to a good old school techno set, then venture on Dirty South to pursue on a Belgian-Dutch rave selection then end the night with EBM and Indus. Some will say we were incoherent, other will simply believe us to be multifaceted. In our opinion and according to those who followed us, we were diversified and desired.”

“Today, we all live in different parts of the world, and regarding what we said earlier, you’ll understand that Bromance can not be carried on through FaceTime or Skype.”

To celebrate the legacy of the label, Brodinski and Guillame Berg created a “5 Years of Bromance Records” mix. It features the music of artists from Bromance’s with a range of musical genres through the times.

We will miss Bromance Records

1. GENER8ION – Walled City
2. Louisahhh – In My Veins
3. G. Vump – Feeling
4. Myd – Uberty
5. Brodinski Feat. Louisahhh – Let The Beat Control Your Body
6. Monsieur Monsieur – Lucid (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
7. Gesaffelstein – Depravity
8. Panteros666 – SnareDrum Warfare
9. Brodinski Feat. SD – Can’t Help Myself
10. Louisahhh & Maelstrom – Friction (Rave Mix)
11. Myd – Número Uno
12. Gesaffelstein – Control Movement
13. Louisahhh & Maelstrom – Night Clubbing
14. Para One & Myd – Brooklyn
15. Distal – Flawless Weapon
16. Illangelo – Clockwork (Instrumental)
17. Shy Glizzy – Woah (Prod. By Brodinski)
18. Suicideyear – Finale
19. Club cheval – Decisions
20. Myth Syzer & Ikaz Boi – Nobody
21. Jeff Chery – Sick Of Myself (Prod. By Sam Tiba)
22. Evil Nine & Danny Brown – The Black Brad Pitt (Original + Gesaffelstein Remix)
23. GENER8ION – The New International Sound
24. Myd Feat. Twice & Lil Patt – No Bullshit
25. Sebb Bash – Pulaski
26. Sam Tiba – Still Breathing
27. 8tm – Airport
28. GENER8ION – Eleven
29. Myth Syzer & Ikaz Boi – High Feat. Hamza
30. Kohh – Paris (Sam Tiba Remix)


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