Pedro Winter, the head honcho of Ed Banger, aka Busy P is out with a brand new single, ‘Genie’ and music video. Setting yourself in groove mode, the music video showcases a sleepwalker wandering out of her bed and into the city for unconscious charades of dancing and a bit of romance. As she meanders her way through town dancing with herself, statues, and in a public transit tube; scene cut in and out of her sleepless imagination and what’s actually going before she finally awakens and the video ends.

Busy P teamed with Grammy-nominated singer, Mayer Hawthorne, who lent a bit of soul to an already groovy production. The idea for the music video is created to the the director Arnaud Deroudihe, who alluded to his own sleepwalking experience and wrote a story of what may have occurred had he actually gone out the front door.

Check out the ‘Genie’ music video down below:

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