Calvin Harris, one of the most well-known DJs, was part of an impromptu Twitter Q&A session yesterday. Answering questions about his future in music, fans may be surprised to see where his road is taking him.

The takeaways? Harris is moving away from EDM. The genre which brought him to fame has changed, and he doesn’t believe he shared anything with it anymore. Recently, he has been doing a successful series of collaborations with artists such as Sam Smith and Dua Lipa. While he will one day go back to music festivals, he will no longer do any live music performances, as he begins a new music chapter in his life.

Read the Twitter Q&As below:

On EDM and his future with its music:

On future music festivals:

On live music performances:

His final answer was about music theory, and how he learned. For aspiring DJs and producers everywhere, as well as for fans who love to know, this was a great end to the thread:

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