Carnage isn’t the most liked dance music personality on the planet…to be frank, he may be the most hated, as he’s subject to several negative comments in reaction to his music and brazen personality. It seems a straw finally broke the camel’s back after his set in Crush Arizona after a fan said everyone had a bad trip because of his “angry music.” Carnage let off a storm of tweets, which you can find down below.

So it looks like it’s official: those who align with ASOC will officially be “Anti PLUR:” declarations of war aside, other DJs seem to be having fun with the newest series of tweets, including Alison Wonderland, whose weekend was made by his attacks on the world.

What do you guys think? Is PLUR truly dead? Do “ravers” constantly bitch too much over the smallest things within our scene? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment below or Tweeting us @GlobalDanceElec.


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