What does a gecko, koala, and flamingo, have in common? They’re names of tracks by superstar DJ and producer, Oliver Heldens. Known for the start of his music career with his early track “Gecko,” released in 2013 on Tiesto’s Musical Freedom record label, his career skyrocketed instantaneously. Since then, he’s created his other alias, HI-LO, built his own Heldeep Record Label, and hosted his own stages at festivals like Tomorrowland.

We caught up with the talented Oliver Helden’s before his set at Electric Daisy Carnival to ask a few questions about his new song, his summer, and his alias HI-LO.

Can you tell us about your new song “Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It)” and what we can expect this summer?

I was really inspired by the original track, “I Feel Love,” by Donna Summer, and I decided to call it “Ibiza 77” because the track was released in 1977. It was a very iconic track and it kind of was a start for modern electronic dance music. Later, I wrote  vocals on it with a songwriter, and that’s where “Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It)” comes from. I also started a mixtape series which is also called “Ibiza 77 Mixtape.” It has a little bit more Ibiza vibes, timeless sounds. This summer I’m touring a lot. I’m really excited, for example I’m doing EDC Vegas, and Electric Forest, which I have my own stage the second weekend. Also at Tomorrowland I will be playing the main stage the first weekend, and the second weekend I will have my own stage.


Speaking of Heldeep Records, did you always want to create a record label?

Well, I first started with mixtapes, and then I started doing a weekly radio show 3 years ago and that grew really quickly. I got a lot of promos and demos from producers to play Heldeep Radio. So I thought why not start a label and use some of those demos.


Fans want to know, who would you love to collaborate with if you could choose anyone?

In the last few years I’ve been really enjoying working with songwriters, so there’s definitely some more vocal tracks coming up, as well more tracks in general. Someone who I would really like to collaborate with is Pharell.


What’s the story behind Hi-Lo?

I started the alias so I had more musical freedom. I was making a lot of music and it was more appealing to release more melodic music and more catchy music as Oliver Heldens. I wanted to release more of the underground stuff, so that’s why I started HI-LO. I kind of wanted to separate the two things. So, basically I can release more stuff and I can release songs which I would otherwise never release as Oliver Heldens. It’s also really fun to play as Hi-Lo and getting to do something different.


I heard your dad tours with you, tell me about that.

Yes, he tours with me sometimes. It’s really fun. My Dad’s really proud of me and he’s actually also a big lover of electronic dance music. For example, when I was little my Dad would listen to lots of different stuff. He comes from more jazz and funk but he loves Kraftwerk, Richie Hawtin, and LTJ Bukem.


Back to your older tracks, is there a reason you named the tracks by animals?
When I made “Gecko” I wanted a weird name for it because I thought it was a really weird track compared to what was hot at the moment. So I wanted a weird animal, like “Gecko,” and I just continued to use animal names. So now I have, “Koala, Wombass, and Flamingo.”


What can everyone expect at your  EDC Vegas set?

They’re going to dance and its going to be a good time! Every week, I make new edits on my tracks.


Boy was he right! Oliver Helden’s set at the Circuit Grounds Saturday night at EDC Vegas blew us away! Multiple edits of his hit tracks had the crowd going crazy. He dropped classic oldies like Eiffel 65’s “I’m Blue,” “Put Your Hands Up,” by Fedde Le Grand, and the most nostalgic of all, The Backstreet Boys!

We can’t wait to see him at the next festival!
Watch a snippet of his set from our Live Stream on Facebook.

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