What’s been in development over the course of 4 years, singer and songwriter, Todd Kowaluk, churned out Enough is Enough. The song is somewhat of an answer to the existential question,”when is a song really done?” It’s a question, Todd Kowaluk has been trying to figure out that has eventually lead us to Enough is Enough. At it’s core is a Paul-Westerberg-inspired guitar riff that Todd builds on with his own questions of where the song is actually going. Although Todd questions whether he has the voice to say where the song is going or even finished, that’s not really the point of it all. It’s a protest song of sorts that challenges the status quo of your typical songwriters.

“There’s really not much traditional about this song. It starts with a chorus, and generally songs don’t start with a chorus, It questions the rules and at the same time asks what is important about being human in this ever-changing world of ours. It’s a protest song!”

The Canadian singer and songwriter has been tinkering with where exactly he belongs in the world of music. It was when he worked with Manny Alviar on his Love Can Set Us Free EP, where Todd really developed as a musician. Crediting much of his development to his work with Alviar, Todd found himself stepping out of his comfort zone in order to pursue the sound we all now know as Enough is Enough.

Check it out down below!

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