Are you ready for the audio rollercoaster of your life? Dutch musician, Maarten Rischen, is ready to take you there in his new single Serenity? As the song begins, you expect that you may have 8 long minutes of the same ambient and tranquil song. It’s peaceful, some would say serene, as if you’re mentally or physically walking through a botanical garden, taking in the scene. Well buckle up, Maarten Rischen isn’t as dandy as he wants you think, Serenity? takes a complete left turn of rock n roll mayhem and things shift into high gear. Chaotically emotional, Serenity? will demand your full attention throughout its entirety and trust us, you’ll want to hear it.

“Serenity?” starts out as a meandering wistful ambient piano piece, but  takes a dramatic turn for pretty much every human emotion there is – or at  least the ones I’m personally capable of. But at least equally important to the music is the accompanying video, as the music is half written and produced  in the studio, half written/composed and played during the shoot of the video. “

What’s more impressive than an 8-minute opus that you wouldn’t mind listening on repeat is the accompanying music video to Serenity? Loathing the idea of most music videos, Maarten Rischen works with dancer, Alina Spittan, to curate an improvised dance routine in its purest form. How you may ask? Shooting for the music video was the very first time Alina has ever heard the song. Instead of fake instrumentation and lip-syncing, you can a dancer’s purest, bodily interpretations and audio of the actual musician is playing simultaneously. Nothing choreographed or air-guitar here folks.

Check out Serenity? down below!

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