Monstercat has released a boatload of creative music this year as they always have. In the short span of a month, they’ve housed releases from talented signees like Conro and steadily dropped new singles for their second soundtrack collaboration wih major video game Rocket League. Greater still, the label debued Alana Watson and Daniel Stephens of NERO’s brand new group, The Night.

Kicking off their April release schedule is a crisp production from label veteran Noisestorm, Crab Rave. Noisestorm hails from Dublin, Ireland and is normally known for making tracks on the bassier side. This new track is a welcome addition to his catalogue, leading with an appropriately crab-claw-like instrument. It keeps our attention with a mix of aquatic melodies played on various synths. Though it only weighs in at about three minutes, it packs enough energy to bring the beach to any setting. To top things off, the official video follows crabs acting like we all do at festival season. The only diffrence is except instead of LED screens, these guys have a perfect beachside sunset to worship with their sick moves.

You can check out Noisestorm on Soundcloud and look at the whole Monstercat catalog on their website.

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