Coachella 2020 is going to mark a new era for its attendees. California’s finest multi-stage festival was just awarded half a million dollars in grant form from the Bureau of Cannabis Control. “The City of Coachella’s Cannabis Social Equity Program aims to provide financial and technical assistance to small business applicants from communities with high levels of poverty or a history of drug arrests,” wrote Mayor Steven Hernandez in a news release from the city. This is a huge step for the festival, as it can now create an experience equal to or better than the cannabis experience at Outside Lands.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control awarded a total of $10 million to local governments, including Los Angeles, San Jose and Long Beach. Coachella received $500,000 and Palm Springs is set to receive $100,000.

“Since last year, the City Council has been really trying to think about how the little guy as well as the person that has been criminalized because of the war on drugs can get into this flourishing industry,” Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez said. “When the state looked at putting forward some dollars for social equity, we all jumped on this.”

Stay tuned for more info as it unfolds.


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