ONE N ONLY & Global Dance Electronic are proud to present the 7th annual Travel Package Experience to EDC Las Vegas 2018! After leaving off with our best EDC Las Vegas experience yet in 2017, we could not wait to launch our 2018 travel package! And boy do we have an experience that is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. Our 2018 experience will be unlike any other EDC experience we have ever done, featuring an upgrade to an even better hotel than before and a brand new package – the Mansion Package. Here is what we have in store for you…

ONE N ONLY have upgraded your Hotel & Transportation Package experience by moving their hotel accommodations from the Tropicana to the upscale Luxor! The Luxor stands tall, taking over 120,000 square-feet, as one of the highest rated hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

We’re all about raising the bar, which is why they have been working so hard to present you with a brand new travel experience – The Mansion Package! 40 lucky members will be granted this exclusive experience under one roof, living like royalty. These kings and queens will indulge in their own private pool, inclusive daily meal plan, private shuttle, and much, much more! You know what that means? Daily pool activities while burgers are served at our private swim up bar. We have been avidly working on this project for years and it has finally come to life.

Have any questions regarding these EDC Travel Packages? Please feel free to Tweet or DM us on Twitter @GlobalDanceElec. Our Facebook & Instagram are also open to questions.


Use promo code CYBERME to save $50 on Snowglobe and EDC Las Vegas 2018 Travel Packages. From lodging, transportation, private parties, meal plans and more you can’t plan your next festival experience any easier.


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