Driven by classic piano riffs, UK D/Producer, Dan Willett, puts out a brand new house track with tons of classic feels to it. ‘It’s On You’ is the name of the tune that is forthcoming on Willet’s own imprint, Chill. Perfectly suited for the label, ‘It’s On You’ offers listeners a relaxing audio experience fueled by a repetitively, mesmerizing piano riff. The unique production plays homage to the classic UK house tunes that influence the contemporary scene today.

Dan Willett hails from the South Coast of England, and has had extensive love and experience in dance music. Chill the record label is also responsible for the events that take place on the Southern coast of England. Since 2016, Dan has hosting parties at Hastings Piers alongside label co-founder Dan Martin. Together the two add their own twists to exceptional dance music parties and releases.

Listen to ‘It’s On You’ down below!

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