Based in Vienna comes a house DJ/Producer that we should get familiar with, Darksidevinyl. He’s out with a brand new track on the Swiss imprint, Sunrising Records. Talking About Jazz is one of those tunes where it’s not about the drop, but a constant and steady build on various instruments that create an absolute heater of a vibe. The song has zero frills and is an Afro House master piece that is sure to drive the mix of any master DJ.

Prepare to embark yourself on a music journey unlike any other. It’s tribal, it’s soul and it’s quite literally everything you need to hear in a contemporary dance music track these days. Darksidevinyl burst onto the scene in 2019, where he holds countless releases on the likes of Selador, Yoshitoshi, When We Dip and countless others. Check your eyes peeled on this prolific producer’s music.

Check out Talking About Jazz down below!

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