Like clockwork, Joel Zimmerman has picked a prime target of assault on Twitter; following the 20th anniversary of EDC, the mouse-headed and mighty-thumbed keyboard warrior had some choice words to sling with the intent of devaluing the hard work that the Insomniac team put forward to create a unique experience for the people who attend their shows.



In this argument, we can’t help but notice a flaw; while the stage production and the fans that attend are top priorities at Insomniac’s offices, music plays a prime role in the company as well. If that weren’t the case, they wouldn’t put the work they do into breaking artists through their label and Discovery Project and creating numerous festival preparation playlists, artist interviews, and a lineup announcement megamix that ended up being the perfect way to find out about all of the DJs performing. If the giant haul of DJs created “banality,” as he states, then people wouldn’t even care to re-listen to an artist’s set or watch the live broadcast of their show, nor would they plan out a schedule of the artists they want to see. EDC is certainly a gigantic brand, but it does not, as Zimmerman seems to imply, exist to flatten the image of every DJ who played.

We’re glad Zimmerman was able to promote himself at Firefly moreso than he would have at one of the world’s biggest festivals, but can’t help but notice there’s some excessive ego at play when he tries to state his main points.

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