A few weeks ago, Deadmau5 started fleshing out an incredible new track on his live stream. On one of the superproducer’s latest cube v3 tour stops, that track saw the light of day. With a working title “Bridged by a Lightwave,” the melodic journey entails a serene breakdown with lyrics that have evolved over time from the initial inception, dropping into a section with a nice fat bassline driving the energy forward. Not only is the track a welcome new addition to the Mau5 catalog, but it’s easily remixable by the heavyweights on his label. According to him, the song is finished and ready to go, so it’s all a matter of time to see if this was a one-off single or part of a bigger package.

Check the whole preview below and look out for the first snippets of the studio-quality version.

New Deadmau5 ID (I think?) at the Cube V3 show in Brooklyn from r/EDM

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