We’ve been lucky enough to learn more about the Cube 2.1 action we’re witnessing in front of our faces when we finally see Deadmau5 on tour this year. But before finally embarking on the “lots of shows in a row” tour, the multifaceted artist couldn’t help but share one last look into his side of the action.

With a touch screen, two midi controllers, and a comfy little stool all situated, the booth looks about ready to provide the soundtrack for our Spring. An additional picture shows the blueprint from the side, in case you thought he just magically floats above us or something.

If you missed any of the behind the scenes videos about what goes into what is an incredible live visual experience, check out our posts on the videos here.

WE ARE DONE. show is ready. See you in NY for the “oh fuck please let all this tech work” show!

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A view from a cube.

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