Where in the world is…..Deadmau5?

The Canadian DJ posted a cryptic video across his social media channels this morning. In it, the infamous mau5 head was floating around in outer space, as it was a planet in the cosmos. Suddenly, the eyes and mouth light up, and the mau5 head planet comes to life, going on an unknown trajectory through the galaxy.

After circling the Earth once, the mau5 stops above the Americas and begins to shoot down, like a meteorite falling from the sky. Through the stratosphere, the mau5 head continues to fall down until it stops, and the video goes black. Coordinates flash across the screen, ending the cryptic video with only longitude and latitude, 36.114984 | -115.172750.

We typed in the coordinates on Google Maps and it seems deadmau5 has landed in Las Vegas, right in front at Drais Beachclub & Nightclub.

But that is all the video gives us. Is he performing there? Is he going to take a run? Has he booked a residency at a dayclub & nightclub? Is he just going on a long vacation? While we can guess there will be a show, we have no idea when, where, or how much.

Stay tuned, meteorologists, for the rest of the mau5 forecast, and see the cryptic tweet below. What do YOU think is in store?

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