It’s no secret that there always will be beef between Deadmau5 and Marshmello, and it seems like the latter’s fans need a little music history lesson. At Decadence NYE in Arizona, Deadmau5 had been booked to play a 75-minute set to which he used his time to play more techno music than his regular catalog. As reddit and Dancing Astronaut noted, his set consisted of tunes such as Maceo Plex’s Solar Detroit, Ratio’s Elevation, and more down tempo tunes

It didn’t take long for people to go on Twitter and complain about this change of pace, and while it’s understandable why people might have been taken aback, it just goes to show how little appreciation there is for other types of music in this scene. For 2017, please let’s make it a goal to show DJs respect or, you know, maybe catch another set instead of complaining about it?

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    • Anonymous

      Lol whoever wrote this article obviously was not there. cause he sucked so much.

  1. DjSteph

    Obviously who ever wrote this article is completely missing the whole point of a DJ. I’m pretty sure a dj, disc jockey, is some who plays music for an audience. Like he’s getting paid by people to play then music they like. If he plays all his own stuff and people complain, then yeah don’t go to his shows. But if he just randomly starts playing crappy music…and the writer is telling fans to just ‘support the DJs’ and make them the victims? Give me a break. The fans are paying our bills. They dictate, within reason of course, you know what I’m saying, our success. If people don’t like your music or sets, you go nowhere my friend.


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