Known for his high-energy productions, Deorro is bursting into 2018 with another party-starter in the form of his latest release, “Existence” on Ultra Music. While he had an insanely busy year in 2017, releasing his debut album Good Evening and taking on a North American tour, Deorro shows that he’s ready to conquer the new year with “Existence” as his first weapon.

“This track connects with a lot of my earlier sounds from when I was known as Tonic. It’s a fusion of “back then” and “today” sounds.” – Deorro

The track opens with staccato thumps, it quickly isolates alarming, vibrating synth sounds. As indistinct vocals emerge, a sudden ambush of deep rumbling rhythms take the spotlight. The track eventually takes listeners into the eye of the storm. A moment of subdued, yet hyperactive string sounds emerge, taking an orchestral turn in the progressive house tune, before once again throwing listeners into a hailstorm of heavy beats. The track marks a change in Deorro’s style, adding strings to his energetic house sound, but he sees this more as a merging of what was to what is. Listen to the track below at high-volume.

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